Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Random Acts of Kindness Part 4 by Victoria Walters

Summer is drawing to a close as Huntley Manor is due to have its grand re-opening. Abbie is determined to save the hotel from closure but she has to remember her own career too… As she and Thomas grow ever closer, will she end up making Littlewood her home for good? Or will she set up her own PR company back in London…?
Eszter has to decide whether it is time to go back to Hungary... But what has she got to return to? She has no career to speak of, and their home is filled with painful memories of her beloved husband. But can a new job, a new home and a surprise new dog convince Eszter and Zoe to stay?
Louise wants to tell Alex how she feels but decides she needs to show him after pushing him away for so long. Will a grand gesture be enough to show him she won't run away this time?
As the town of Littlewood comes together to help Huntley Manor, we’ll find out if kindness really does have the power to save the day…

I have mixed feelings about part 4 of Random Acts of Kindness, I was so eager to read this after waiting 2 months for the release but on the other hand I know I am going to be leaving these much loved characters behind.
This final part of the 4 part book ties everything up beautifully for our three protagonists. Eszter has a big decision to make about her and Zoe’s future, Abbie is praying her event for Huntley Manor is successful for Thomas and Louise is still trying to let the barriers down that are shielding her heart.
I won’t say any more then this about the details of the storyline as it is always difficult not to give too much away when a book is released in parts. The great thing is with each part we are given a brief recap as to what has happened in the previous part to refresh our minds and keep us up to speed.
I have come to really care about our characters in this book, they are three strong determined ladies who with the support of each other have taken some big steps to change the paths of their lives. The author has managed to create such realistic likeable characters who soon feel like friends to us.
The Kindness board features again in part 4 and this is something I love, the idea of sharing everyone’s acts of kindness to remind us that through all the negative press we hear there is still a lot of good in the world and the kindness board brings an uplifting and positive part to the storyline.
As I have mentioned in my review for part 1 I am not a fan of books broken down and released in parts, however, I have absolutely loved Random Acts of Kindness and I was eagerly waiting for the release of each part to catch up with the women again to see what they are upto next.
I can not recommend this book enough, the authors writing style is so captivating and she builds such rounded characters who will stay with me for a long time. I really hope this isn’t the end to these characters and that we see a sequel or at least their heads popping up in another book to see how they are all getting on. 


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