Wednesday, 22 July 2020

In Case You Missed It by Lindsey Kelk

When Ros steps off a plane after four years away she’s in need of a job, a flat and a phone that actually works. And, possibly, her old life back. Because everyone at home has moved on, her parents have reignited their sex life, she’s sleeping in a converted shed and she’s got a bad case of nostalgia for the way things were.

Then her new phone begins to ping with messages from people she thought were deleted for good. Including one number she knows off by heart: her ex’s.

Sometimes we’d all like the chance to see what we’ve been missing…

You know it is a good day when the new Lindsey Kelk novel lands on your kindle, it is a day that you abandon all plans because you know you are in for a treat! In Case You Missed It is te title of her latest release and this book came at the perfect time as I was in need of something light hearted and witty to read and that is something we can always rely on in a Lindsey Kelk storyline.

Ros has been living it up in America for the past three years but she has now returned home to England with no job awaiting her, no man coming back on her arm and having to move back to her parents. Things are not looking bright but with the support of her life long friends back around her surely, she can turn things around and get her career and love life back on track.

Lindsey Kelk isn’t shy in creating flawed characters and I think this is what makes me love her characters and why they stick with me long after I have finished the books because they are so relatable by the time you are half way through her novels you feel as though you are one of the group reading about friends!

Lindsey Kelk always excels in creating such life like and relatable characters who hold the most natural and believable friendships amongst her characters. In this storyline there is a large friendship group with Ros, Sumi, Lucy and Adrian each of the characters are so well developed and have individual personality traits so they are easy to differentiate early on and they each bring their own little something to the group.

The storyline was predictable but this didn’t stop my enjoyment of the novel because although I could tell what would be the outcome in Ros’s love life the witty roller-coaster of a journey that she takes to get there held my attention the whole way through.

The storyline shows that we should never focus on looking back and comparing but looking forward and making the most of life and aim for your dreams rather than settling for the familiar. Know your worth and don’t stop until you achieve what you want and deserve.

This was the perfect pacey, light hearted humour read that I needed for this dull and dreary day it sure did bring a smile to my face and brightness to my day, this is definitely going to be a hit with Lindsey Kelk fans.

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