Thursday, 23 July 2020

Kate and Clara's Curious Cornish Craft Shop by Ali McNamara

Kate thinks all her wishes have come true when she opens her own little craft shop in the idyllic harbour town of St Felix.
But she soon finds a mystery lingers in her new shop - a sixty-year-old love story told through beautiful paintings and intricate embroideries.
Jack, the owner of the nearby art shop, volunteers to help Kate unravel the mystery, but in doing so they realise their own lives share some uncanny similarities with Clara and Arty, their 1950s counterparts . . .
Can Kate and Jack put right a decades-old wrong, and maybe find their own happy ending on the way?

In her latest release Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop, Ali McNamara takes us back to the enchanting seaside town of St Felix.
Kate is enjoying her new life with daughter Molly down in St Felix running her dream shop with the help of Anita and Sebastian, when she is given an old sewing machine by her friend Noah who acquired it from a local house clearance something unexplainable happens. New comer Jack has also experienced something unusual and confides in Kate and before long the pair find themselves spending a lot of time together as they try and put the pieces of the jigsaw together to see what the magic of St Felix is trying to show them.
Although we have ventured to St Felix and been touched by the enchanting magic of the area in previous novels by Ali McNamara this book is still a stand alone novel, we just get to have a glimpse at what some of the previous characters are now doing since we left them.
The storyline jumps back and forth in time briefly when we get snippets of a blossoming romance starting in 1957 and we also feel the love in the air in the current day too. The storyline is romantic, uplifting and has an air of mystery around it too, I found it a perfect fast flowing easy read perfect for a Summer Time read in the garden.
I enjoyed uncovering the deep-rooted secret along with Kate and Jack and I thought it was a great way to bring the two characters together. Funny enough for me I found myself drawn more to the character of Jack than our main character Kate. Jack is disabled and we see throughout the storyline the mix of emotions, thoughts and feelings he battles on a daily basis as well as how he has to adapt to different environments but he is determined to be as independent as he can and doesn’t want anyone’s pity but he also assumes he knows how people feel about him.
This was a delightful mystical romance that kept me entertained on a Sunny afternoon in Lockdown and I loved my return to St Felix and hope that our journey there will continue there in future novels.

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