Sunday, 5 June 2022

Summer Fever by Kate Riordan


Nick and Laura are the hosts: pretending their marriage isn't on the rocks.

Madison and Bastian are the guests: neither is remotely who they claim to be.

Under the scorching Mediterranean sun, no secret is safe.

No betrayal goes unnoticed.

Two couples. But will either survive the summer . . .

Summer Fever is the new release by Kate Riordan and if you are looking for a sexy summer suspense then look no further because this one ticks all the boxes.

Set in Italy we are already off to the perfect start for a summer read and add to that the beautiful descriptive writing style that this author has and you are off on a vivid journey what seems to appear before your eyes. Not only does the author manage to set the scene perfectly but she really has such skilled writing that brings the characters to life too.

Where parts of the novel are predictable there are equal amount of parts that keep us in suspense and this is what makes this book such a thrilling and captivating read. There is sex and scandal flowing through the storyline which is all well written rather than just being smutty reading. I can’t say I loved any of the characters in this novel but I don’t feel like I needed too, they were all flawed and self-centred characters but this worked for this novel, my heart was never going to go out to any of them.

This was an addictive scandalous read that I would definitely recommend and great for fans of not only Kate Riordan but also Rebecca Chance.

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