Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday by Cressida McLaughlin


Thea Rushwood was looking forward to exploring the beautiful Cornish tourist spot of Port Karadow, but when her friend drops out at the last minute, she is forced to go solo. Arriving at her cosy holiday cottage to discover a building site next door, Thea and the annoyingly attractive, but grumpy builder, Ben, don’t get off to the best start.

Thea starts to wonder if her perfect escape wasn’t meant to be. That’s before she realizes there is more to Ben – and to the community – than she first thought. As a magical Cornish summer stretches out in front of her, Thea discovers this is one holiday that she never wants to end…

Cressida McLaughlin’s Cornish Cream Tea series is definitely up there with my favourite series and each time I finish one I am already sitting there wishing the months by eager for the next one to be released.


The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday is book number 6 in the series but to be completely honest if you haven’t read the previous books it is not a problem at all as this can easily be read as a standalone but you will be desperate to go back an read the others straight after.


I am sure every reader will love our new main character Thea because she has a dream I am sure most of us keen readers have had at some point through our lives! When her holiday to Cornwall with her best friend Esme faces a hiccup because Esme is unable to come Thea goes anyway armed with a list of things to do sites to see and a secret mission to see if she can possibly make her dream come true.  What was not on her list was finding an irresistible builder named Ben living next door to her rental who soon becomes a consistent distraction!

We are reunited with some of much-loved characters from previous books, Meredith and Finn are weaved in around the storyline and it is great to see how well they are doing. We also have a very brief appearance from Charlie and Daniel but I really wish we could have more of them and Gertie in the novels but I need to stop being needy and just appreciate that a little bit of a good thing is probably what makes you want and love something even more.

Watching Thea building her confidence and pushing forward to try and make her dream a reality and a new life for herself was both exciting and inspiring, I was cheering her on all the way.

Ben was an intriguing character who I grew to love. His past shadowed his pure heart of gold but as his barriers began to come down we could see he was a pure gentleman with a whole lot of love to give, he had just lost his way.

I would have loved to have seen more of the renovation process in the book to go on Thea’s journey from start to end but that is just me being greedy and wanting to live a little of my dream through her! I definitely feel like there is still so much to come from both Thea and Ben so I am hoping that they make a strong reappearance in a future novel.

This was up there as my second favourite in the series and I highly recommend this for those looking for an uplifting romance with Cornish charm to take away on your holibobs or to enjoy on your staycation this year.

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