Friday, 29 July 2022

A Postcard from Capri by Alex Brown


In the Golden Age of Hollywood, Kelly Sinclair is on the cusp of becoming the next big movie star. Until then, she’s spending the summer of 1953 on the magical island of Capri…

Sixty years later, on a visit to her elderly grandmother’s cottage, photographer Maddie Williams unearths a box of old film memorabilia featuring a glamorous and beautiful young woman with platinum blonde hair. She also finds a postcard from the island of Capri, detailing the heart-breaking end of a passionate love affair.

Her grandmother now has trouble remembering anything from all those years ago. So when Maddie is commissioned for a photoshoot in Italy, she visits Capri to see if she can find out the truth. Can she unravel the mystery and discover what really happened in the summer of 1953, and will her magical island escape hold some surprises for Maddie, too?

It’s a good day when you are sitting down to start a new Alex Brown book this time with the third in the Postcard series, A Postcard from Capri.

Maddie’s new career in photography takes her off to Italy allowing her to take a trip to Capri where her Grandmother spent time in her younger years. With her Grandmother Rose’s memory fading and the name Audrey being mentioned she is keen to uncover the mystery of Audrey and find out more about her Grandmothers time in Capri all those years ago, but are somethings buried in the past for a reason?

I found myself completely captivated by this storyline with the perfect mix of chic glamour of the past and cosy familiarity of the present day in Tindledale. The glorious setting of Capri was screaming out to me and luring me into the Orchards and the crystal clear waters making the perfect backdrop to a storyline that trickled its secrets along the way.

I loved the unpredictability of this novel, discovering the hidden life that Rose has kept from all of her family and as the storyline moves back and forth in time this structure worked perfectly for this novel as we get to see first hand from Rose what life was like for her as well as following Maddie as she pieced the pieces of the puzzle together with her findings which made it more exciting.

There were certainly some emotive points but these just showed what a remarkable woman Rose was and gave a little insight to how things were different many years ago.

This was by far my favourite book in the Postcard series, with engaging characters a storyline that captured my attention the whole way through and had me googling holidays to Capri at the end! Alex Brown has delivered another beautifully descriptive novel that ticked all the boxes.

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