Saturday, 30 July 2022

New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse by Christie Barlow


When Heartcross’ resident clairvoyant tells Molly McKendrick to expect a whole lot of scandal and upset to blow in with the approaching winter storm, Molly doesn’t know what to think.

With a baby on the way any week now, and Christmas not far off, the last thing Molly needs is drama, but when she crosses paths with Bree, a sixteen-year-old homeless girl, and takes her in from the cold, secrets from the past flood the present and Molly, her partner Cam, and their son George, are soon experiencing a holiday season filled with unexpected festive surprises...

I never tire of books based around a bakery and when I was coming to the end of my staycation I wanted to read something light hearted and uplifting to provide a last dose of escapism before heading back to work and that’s when I came across New Beginnings at the Old Bakehouse by Christie Barlow. I did see that it was book 9 in the Love Heart Lane series which I haven’t read but the synopsis appealed to me so I took a chance on it as a standalone any way.

Molly is coming towards the end of her pregnancy and husband Cam wants to try and keep everything calm for her despite his own worries so when Molly then takes it upon herself to help Bree, a sixteen-year-old homeless girl he is not onboard with having this untrustworthy stranger in their home and shop.

This was such a heartwarming hopeful read that was easily read as a standalone and has just made me determined to work my way through the previous books in the series now. Molly has an absolute heart of gold determined to help those in need and to see the best in everyone. Cam was also a little sweetheart even if he wasn’t as trusting as his wife he still had good intentions in wanting to protect his family whilst struggling with his own problems.

I loved the baking element and the baking competition in the book it added charm and excitement to the storyline and yet again I am sat here desperate to open my own bakery…. If only I could bake!

Although there were parts of the storyline that were predictable I still enjoyed watching the events unfold.

The book does highlight the difficulties communities face when offering safe places and food for the homeless communities not just on typical day to day but also how much harder and more dangerous it can be when weather conditions take a drastic turn.

I loved every page of this book and raced through it in 24hours, it is certainly up there as my favourite by this author so definitely one I would recommend for an uplifting heartfelt novel.

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