Sunday, 20 November 2022

Driving Home For Christmas by Joanna Bolouri


Driving home marks the start of the holidays for Kate and Ed, who have made this journey every Christmas of their ten-year long relationship. Normally the seasonal hits blare from the car stereo, and they are guaranteed to be wearing ridiculous jumpers in anticipation, but this year a frosty silence fills the car...

A massive argument leads to the immediate collapse of their relationship. But the show must go on, so they decide to brave their families together one last time.

With three Christmases to celebrate, an old flame waiting under the mistletoe and a shed load of expectation around their future together, this most wonderful time of year is anything but. There will be turkey, tiffs and tantrums galore, but it's sure to be a Christmas they'll never forget.

Joanna Bolouri brings us a festive romcom that follows the crumbling relationship between Kate and Ed. Tensions are running high between the couple as they make their way home to see their families over Christmas but they agree not to tell them that they are breaking up. 

It was so clear to see that Kate and Ed were made for each other but that they had got too comfortable after so many years together and they have lost their way and stopped communicating with each other. I loved how my thoughts towards them both chopped and changed throughout the storyline, one minute being frustrated with them at times not liking them especially Kate, and then as the bigger picture is revealed I came full circle and really liked them both and just wanted to bang their heads together!

The supporting characters really helped this storyline too, especially with Kate's Gubba (Grandmother) who was a wickedly wonderful character who brought a touch of humour to lighten the storyline. The storyline although set at Christmas really isn't overly festive so it can easily be read anytime of year. 

The chapters were short and sharp, switching between both Kate and Ed POV which worked really well to get both sides of the story and see first hand what their thoughts and feelings were rather than only seeing one's view on the other. The chapters also at times went back in time which took some getting used to on the kindle, I wonder if this maybe better laid out in book form.

An enjoyable light read tackling troubled stagnant relationship and showing the importance of communication.

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