Saturday, 12 November 2022

The Christmas Wish by Lindsey Kelk


Newly single lawyer Gwen Baker is hoping that a family Christmas – countryside, a mountain of food and festive films –
will salve the sting of her career hanging by a thread and her heart being trampled on. Because everyone else has their life sorted: even Dev, her boy-next-door crush, is now a tall, dark and handsome stranger with a fiancée. She can’t help wishing her future was clearer.

Then Gwen wakes up to discover it’s Christmas day all over again. Like Groundhog Day but with turkey. And family arguments. On repeat.

As she figures out how to escape her own particular Christmas hell, Dev is the one bright spot. He might be all grown-up but underneath he’s just as kind and funny as she remembers.

Maybe, just maybe, her heart can be mended after all.

But how do you fall in love with someone who can’t remember you from one day to the next?

The Christmas Wish is this years festive novel by Lindsey Kelk and as ever it is full of this authors lough out loud moments that I love and expect each time I pick up one of her books.

Gwen and her cousin Manny are heading back home for their family Christmas but Gwen has had a terrible couple of months since being dumped by her partner so the last thing she needs is the typical family drama. Things only get worse when she finds herself stuck in a time loop reliving Christmas day over and over again.

Gwen was a lovable main character who has had a run of bad luck and as she relieves Christmas each day trying to make changes to try and break the loop she begins to build a better understanding of her family and it just goes to show sometimes we are all to wrapped up in our own lives to see what’s really going on with those around us.

Manny was by far my favourite character, his flamboyant ways and the humour that he brought to this novel meant that I looked forward to his appearance in the book each time. Each of the family members bring something to the storyline and as each Christmas day is relived, we begin to find out more about each of them in turn.

There is a sweet romance or two blossoming which may have been a little predictable, but this didn’t dampen the enjoyment of this novel. There are some festivity sprinkled in with it being set on Christmas day but it isn’t overly festive so can easily be read any time of year.

This is another entertaining witty read by Lindsey Kelk.

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