Sunday, 26 August 2012

How to look like You by Rose McClelland

When I read Rose McClelland’s debut book I remember thinking this is going to be an author to watch and after reading her second book my thoughts have been proven right.

Have you ever had a frenemy? Someone you smile at sweetly but secretly you are filled with jealousy?
Meet Chloe and Ella. 
While Chloe sees herself as dowdy, quiet and going nowhere, Ella is brimming with talents: acting, singing, and outward-sitting, bronzed boobs. Yet, Ella envies Chloe’s steady relationship with Aidan, her stick-thin figure and her perfectly poised style. As a result, Ella feels overweight, over-single and over-the-hill.

As Ella begins to work alongside Aidan, she develops feelings she shouldn’t have. When he invites her to join his band, it’s no surprise Chloe reacts by slamming the door off the handle.
Then Chloe begins a strategy of her own: Operation Simon. If she starts to go out more often with the bloke from work, surely Aidan would take notice?

Will Aidan smell Simon’s advances? 
Will Chloe and Aidan’s shared plans go ahead? 
Will Ella become a friend or an enemy?

The author has provided us with a great cast of characters and each one has been developed well. My feelings towards Chloe chopped and changed all the way through the book, on first meeting her I loathed her but as the story went along you began to feel sorry for her as you see how jealousy can change someones personality.

Ella really takes centre stage, she is eager to get her acting career off the ground and decides to take a temporary job as a waitress until things start rolling and it is here she meets my favourite character Aiden who is Chloe’s boyfriend. He was such a genuine, nice guy and you want a happy ever after for him.

Although the romance side of this book was predictable I still enjoyed reading the ups and downs that brought us to our predicted ending. 

The thing with Rose McClellands books are they are fast paced which I found didn’t leave you with a safe place to break as you are eager to know what is going to happen on the next page so be prepared to devour this book in one sitting.

My only little niggle is the cover to the book, I don’t think it shows off the gem inside the book and I would more than likely walk past this book if I saw it on the shelf but then this is where the age old saying comes into place Do not judge a book by it's cover. I look forward to seeing how this author progresses in her next book but this one definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fire After Dark by Sadie Matthews

Erotica has never been a genre of choice for me but since reading the most talked about Trilogy I have found my post box full with more erotica books most with sticky labels claiming that if you love Fifty Shades then you will love this book and this was no exception when Fire After Dark by Sadie Matthews arrived.

When Beth Villiers’ heart is broken by the only man she’s ever loved, she jumps at the chance to escape and houses it a luxurious Mayfair apartment. There, Beth catches sight of a man in the apartment opposite, and is immediately captivated. When night-time falls and the inside of his apartment is illuminated, Beth sees things she has never imagined even in the darkest shadows of her mind.

Once her and Dominic meet, mutual attraction is ignited and they begin a relationship that takes Beth down an exhilarating path.

This book is written at such an easy pace which allowed me to finish the whole book in one evening! I would definitely describe this book as sexy, sassy and exciting and I did find I was hooked which I feel is because of the ease of the authors writing style. My one negative point about this book is I personally didn’t warm to the main character Beth but yet I loved Dominic he had an unexpected gentle, sensitive side to him rather than an over confident, vain male!

What I loved about this book compared to other erotica is that yes there was a great element of sex but there was also great descriptive writing when referring to London ,the author has clearly done her research as I felt like I was on a mini tour of the City.
Compared to other erotica books this felt a little tame but definitely had the edge with regards to the storyline. I am hoping there is a sequel to this book as I felt the ending was left wide open and so I would like to see what happens next for these characters and to see if Beth grows on me in a second instalment.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Killer Heels by Rebecca Chance

This is the first book by Rebecca Chance that I have read. I have been meaning to read one of Chance’s books for a while now after reading some great reviews about her previous books so when I was sent her latest book Killer Hells to review I couldn’t wait to get started but lets justsay it was not what I was expecting!

Coco is just your average girl but very ambitious, when she lands a job working for the well known Victoria Glossop at a top Uk Fashion magazine her whole life turns upside down.

When Victoria manages to bag the job she has always dreamed of in New York Coco is flown out to join her but will Coco be able to climb the career ladder and will Victoria be able to hold onto her dream job?

This book is action packed there is so much going on and you never quite know what the next chapter will bring. I was engrossed in the storyline from the first chapter and I didn’t put it down and so I ended up finishing it in a day.

There are so many characters in this book and even the character that we only meet a handful of times have been developed well, there are characters you love and some you hate and others you are not quite sure until the twists start to occur.

There were many unpredicted twists and turns in this book and the suspense that was created in this book had you on the edge of your seat as there was no way of predicting what could happen next, but one thing I never expected was the hot and steamy sex scenes this definitely gives Fifty Shades a run for its money! I didn’t find the sex scenes crude they were in context with the characters and the storylines surrounding them but they definitely left you hot under the collar!

With the story set in and around the fashion world there is plenty of glitz and glamour and rivalry so if you are looking for a compelling read that is stylish and steamy this is definitely your next read.  

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Monday, 20 August 2012

The Great Escape by Fiona Gibson

I read my first book by Fiona Gibson only a couple of weeks ago and I loved it and couldn’t wait to read another book by this author, this time I have just finished her book The Great Escape and it doesn’t disappoint.

Hannah, Sadie and Lou have been great friends but their lives are pulling them in different directions. Sadie is now living in the country trying to look after her new baby twins and along the way seems to have lost herself among the breast milk and tantrums!

Lou is stuck in a dead-end job trying to make end meet while her lazy long term boyfriend is taking her for granted.

Hannah is counting down the days to her big day but problems with her step children are causing her to have serious doubts.

Will Hannah make it down the aisle?

I loved The Great Escape nearly as much as Mum on The Run. The author has such a great writing style which manages to draw you in right from the first page as she throws us straight into a great storyline.
The three main characters in this book all have their own individual personalities very different from each other and yet they are all loveable and down to earth characters who I think each reader will find they can relate to one of the characters, for me this was Lou I looked forward to her parts in the book hoping that things were finally improving for her.

There is a great mixture of content in this book from affairs to parenting struggles and each of the girls needing to find themselves, so there is something going on on every page so there were no low parts in this book.

This book wasn’t humorous or light hearted like the authors previous book it focused more serious problems which ordinary people face in day to day life but the friendship between the girls lighten the tone. I still found myself hooked and I cannot wait for another release from Fiona Gibson.

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Give Away

It is Give away time and this time it is a copy of The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie that is up for grabs. It is a Uk only give away this time round and to make it fair we have rafflecopter back so Good luck everyone !

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Friday, 17 August 2012

The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie

The first novel in an entertaining and hilarious new series introduces Kiki Carlow, a woman on a mission to create her perfect wedding. Kiki Carlow is shocked but delighted when boyfriend Thom proposes. Planning a wedding is easy, right? That’s as long as you ignore:

1. The utterly bankrupting price of the only dress you’ll ever truly love. 2. Your suddenly pregnant sister – surprise!
3. The celebrity wedding you’re covering for work which is devouring your every waking thought. 
4. The Mother of the Bride. Entirely. Kiki soon discovers that planning the perfect wedding might just bring total chaos to the rest of her life. 

Can she stop being a Bridezilla in time to marry the man she loves? 

This novel is told in diary form which I have not come across before. It did take me a little while to set into the pace of this book but I think this is because of the unusual style but after only a handful of diary entries I found my pace and really started to enjoy the book.

We follow Kiki as she makes all of the arrangements for her wedding and I loved the little To Do notes at the end of each entry.There was a lot of down to earth humour in this book and it soon becomes clear that Kiki’s plans are going to be anything but plain sailing!

I was pleasantly surprised how well the relationships between Kiki and her partner and also her sister are developed which I think must have been quite hard to achieve with the structure of this book.

This is a fun and exciting modern read that will have you laughing out loud and if the story leaves you wanting a little more the author gives you this with a great little taster at the end of the book.

Like the sound of this book then head over and grab your copy and for those of you who have a kindle great news it is only 99p !

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

The First Time I Saw Your Face by Hazel Osmond

I have been waiting for what seems like forever for Hazel Osmond’s new book to come out as I loved her previous book Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in on her new book The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Meet Jennifer she had her life planned out with her main ambition in life to be an actress but her plans take a nose dive after a serious accident which leaves beautiful and confident Jennifer with a horrendous scar across her face and her confidence has gone.

Mack arrives in Jennifer’s home town and with time and perseverance manages to get Jennifer to start gradually living her life again rather than sitting in sorrow but Mack has a hidden secret which could see Jennifer hurt all over again.

This book really is impossible to put down. Osmond’s delicate and yet detailed writing skills are back in full force in this beautiful read. The author has created two well developed and loveable characters in both Mack and Jennifer. The book is told from both of the characters points of view which allow us to get to know the characters on a deeper level.

I loved the unexpected twists in this book, the author leads us down a path of believing one thing and out of nowhere hits us with a complete shocker on more than one occasion. I also loved the romance in this book it wasn’t rushed and this is what appealed to me the gradual build up of attraction which was beautiful to read. Although the cover of the book is not one that would jump out at me from the shelves the cover is quite fitting with the storyline.

This beautiful and delicate read is one I think many of you will find you will be adding to your To Be Read piles!

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You may also want to give Hazel Osmonds previous book a try as it is a perfect read and a great price on kindle at the moment

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Second Time Around by Erin Kaye

Divorcee Jennifer Irwin has it all – a successful interior design business and two loving children. But as her 45th birthday approaches and her children prepare to start their own lives, Jennifer is left feeling lonely in her empty nest. That’s when she meets Ben Crawford – a man 16 years her junior – as their attraction heightens, Jennifer realises what she’s been missing. But mindful that the small-town Ballyfergus residents would never approve, they conduct their affair in secret.

But a secret is never a secret for long… As the affair surfaces, Jennifer encounters opposition from friends and family, especially her daughter Lucy. Enraged by her mother’s relationship, Lucy seeks comfort in the arms of charismatic but troubled, Oren. 

Jennifer knows that Oren is not the man he seems, but can she convince her daughter of that? And with everything going against them, can Jennifer and Ben’s love survive? Or will she risk losing her daughter to be with the man she loves? 

Erin Kaye is an author I had not come across before, I loved the sound of the synopsis as it is a situation I am sure alot of people find themselves in when they have had a previous relationship which has ended and having the uncertainty of how the children will feel about a new relationship looming.

Jennifer who is our lead character is a loveable character and it is clear although her children are now grown up they are still the centre of her world and her emotions shown well in this book where she is torn between following her head or her heart as she really cannot bear the thought of disappointing her children but she has clearly fallen for Ben who although is younger in age comes across as a very mature character but |I think this is because of the characters background story.

This book flowed at a perfect pace and had me hooked from the first chapter the only time I was a little hesitant was when the religious aspect was brought into the storyline as I know we all have our own beliefs but I personally do not to read about religion but I needn’t have worried as this didn’t distract me from the storyline and it also had its own little twist!

The book was slightly predictable but it was great to see the journey the author created to get us to the predictable outcome. I will look for future books by this author as this was a great book and at a fantastic price on Kindle at the moment.

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August Releases

It's the first of the month which can only mean one thing it is time to see what books are due for release this month.

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